An open letter to Salman khan

Hi guys..!! Thanks for dropping by. Its my first post. I am 18 years old and I’m just pouring my heart on to the post.I’m not disrespecting the judiciary. I’m just blaming poor investigation by police. These are my personal opinions. I do not intent to hurt anyones’s feelings. Hope you guys like it. Please send your valuable suggestions on my email. Thanks again…!!

Dear Salman khan,
Congratulations on being acquitted of all charges! But we all know deep inside our hearts what had happened on that unfortunate night.
As you walk free, a sense of guilt disturbs me all the time. A guilt of being a powerless, and a silent aam aadmi who is not strong enough to fight you inspite  of knowing the truth. I couldn’t digest this fact. Actually I have started to think that the people who are dead, came running to your with 100 km per hour and rammed your vehicle!!
Jokes apart,let’s discuss some of your great deeds. Starting from 1999, you and your crew of hum saath saath hai were involved in butchering of a chinkara and a blackbuck dear. Well how human of you to do that!
After massacring animals,you rammed into a bakery in the middle of night killing one and injuring four others.
You fled the place thinking you would get away with the sin you’ve done. Another thing we can remind ourselves is of your ex-flame aishwarya rai. We know you harassed her many times and ended up beating Vivek oberoi.! Poor thing! Well ,this showcased your disrespect to women and proved that you are such a bully!
Now after all this mess,you seriously needed a image makeover for your career. So from picking up sensible movies, you thought you could change your ‘bad boy’ image to the ‘heart of gold’ person. From badass police officer in wanted and dabangg to RAW spy in ek tha  tiger. from common man in jai ho to the ‘innocence drenched’ bajrangi bhaijaan, you tried to influence the masses of you being the messiah of poor. Well, neglecting your poor acting skills, it was pretty genius of you too do that! Now you thought why not change the mindset of small children? So you started a NGO, ‘being human’ which donated large amount of funds to small kids. The money came from a mediocre brand with poor quality and skyrocketing prices,again making fools out of us. Not to mention the tax you evaded through these NGO’s.
After the court’s verdict you wept in the middle of court. I wonder were those tears for the guilt of being criminal or it was just public display of acting, just to gain sympathy from our common janta. I feel sorry for blind people out there who claim to be your fans. These are the ones who will again tune into your rubbish show BigBoss along with their family. They will watch all your masala movies paying hundreds of bucks. They will discuss your marital status more often than their own problems. Sorry state of society I would say.
You have just showed world that anything can happen in India, if you have wads of money in your pocket and some high profile contacts. From manipulating with evidences to ruining life of constable ravindra Patil, you have given a hard slap on our system. You have just killed hopes of millions trusting the policing system in our country. Thank you for letting me know that common people are nothing more than powerless insects. Hope god gives you a appropriate place in hell for your deeds. Thank you so much for reading

–  a frustrated Indian”



42 thoughts on “An open letter to Salman khan

  1. yeah abhijeet ur perception is damn correct..i totally consented with ur thought’s..actually its an bitter truth that we INDIAN’S just see the flaunt of an individual n not at all the silly n fake truth without that flaunt …..genuinity got demenished day by day

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  2. Abhi its good yar…..!!!! I think you should write more like this as people get aware reality and truth I am with you bro ….!!!! Keep it up…..!!!!!!

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  3. Abhi its good yar…..!!!! I think you should write more like this as people get aware of reality and truth I am with you bro ….!!!! Keep it up…..!!!!!!

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